3 Signs Your Glass Need Repairs

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3 Signs Your Glass Need Repairs

3 Signs Your Glass Need Repairs

25 June 2021
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Whether you primarily wear glasses or use them when you need a break from your contacts, it's important that they fit properly. Like any optical products, glasses occasionally require repairs and maintenance to function their best. Here are a few signs your glasses are overdue for repairs. 

1. The Lens of Your Glasses Have Scuffs or Scratches

Scuffs or scratches on your glasses lenses will interfere with your ability to have clear, unobscured vision. How your eye care center handles your damaged lenses will depend on the specific damage, the severity of the damage, and whether your prescription has changed.

If your lenses have scuffs, it's possible that the lenses can be resurfaced. Depending on the size and location of a scratch, your eye care treatment center may opt to leave it be if it isn't obscuring your vision.

It may be possible to have minor scratches buffed out. Glasses that are relatively new are often covered under a warranty that will replace damaged lenses. Avoid trying at-home DIY repairs to fix damaged lenses.

Should your glasses have lenses with an old prescription, it's best to replace the damaged lenses with a new set. You can use the same frame if it's in good condition. 

2. Your Glasses Aren't Comfortable

Your glasses should be comfortable for you to wear; if you find that they're constantly slipping or feel like they're squeezing your head, it's time for some repairs. Your eye care specialist can replace, tighten, or loosen the screws in your glasses frame so that you have a better fit. Or, you may need to have your glasses' nose piece replaced so that your glasses better remain in place. 

If your face has grown or changed shape, your eye care specialist can gently manipulate your frames using a specialized machine so that they better conform to your current facial size. 

3. Any Component of Your Glasses Feels Loose or Wiggly

Your glasses should feel strong and durable. If you notice that one of the arms moves a lot or that the nose piece isn't secure, your eye care center can remedy these issues. Often, a loose arm is easily fixed by tightening the screw that secures it. If the arm still feels loose, the whole arm may be damaged and require replacement. 

A loose nose pad is easily fixed by replacing it. Or, if the looseness is due to the pad changing shape, your eye care specialist can manipulate it back into an ideal shape. 

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