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Three Questions To Ask Your Eye Doctor

12 May 2020
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Regular eye exams can help you catch potential vision problems early. They can ensure that any vision changes are tracked and properly managed. Your eye doctor will do this by giving you a series of tests which will test your peripheral vision, eyesight, pupil response, and more. Eye exams are more participatory than many medical exams, since you will have to communicate with your doctor throughout. Here are three questions you can ask your eye doctor during to make your eye exam even more productive:
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What To Do If Your Glasses’ Screws Keep Falling Out

24 January 2020
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The screws in the temples of your glasses are not meant to fall out, but it can happen. Most of the time when this happens it's just a matter of putting them back in and tightening them, but if it's continuously happening, that likely means that there's a bigger problem with the frames of your glasses. Here's what you should do about it. The Problem With Self-Repair The first thing you might be inclined to do is to grab a screwdriver and to try to put the screw back in yet again.
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