If Your Glasses Are Causing You Pain, These Steps Can Reduce It

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If Your Glasses Are Causing You Pain, These Steps Can Reduce It

If Your Glasses Are Causing You Pain, These Steps Can Reduce It

26 August 2016
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Whether you have a new or old pair of glasses, you want them to sit comfortably on your face to the point that you hardly notice they're there. It's possible, however, for your glasses to cause varying degrees of discomfort for a wide range of reasons. You'll often feel this sensation around your ears, on the sides of your nose, or even on your temples. A visit to your optician can reveal why you're experiencing this sensation, and the optician can adjust your glasses to alleviate it. Before you visit, you can perform the following steps to assess the issue and correct it.

Nose Pain

When one or both of the nose pads of your glasses are askew, you'll feel pressure around your upper nose where the pads sit. An effective way to determine if the pads are in the correct position is to look at your face squarely in the mirror. Ideally, the two pads should be sitting at similar angles, albeit pointed in different directions. If one side is more vertical than the other, for example, the pad may be digging into the side of your nose. In this case, identifying the problematic pad and gently pushing it so that it's closer to the angle of the other pad can alleviate the discomfort.

Pain Behind The Ears

Occasionally, the earpieces of your glasses may dig in behind your ears and cause pain. This can occur if the glasses get bent, for example, when you're wearing them during a physical sport and someone bumps into you. Remove the glasses and set them on a flat surface to look at the earpieces. You'll often be able to tell which earpiece is causing the trouble; in many cases, it will be bent awkwardly. With plastic earpieces, you can often bend the piece back into shape.

Temple Pain

If you're experiencing pressure at your temples, it's possible that the glasses are bent. However, there are other potential scenarios at play. If you've gained weight, for example, your face can change shape because of fat. In this case, your face will actually be wider than it used to be, which means that the arms of the glasses are now digging in and causing discomfort. If you remove the glasses and see indents in your skin, this issue is likely the case. You can either take steps to lose weight or visit your optician to see about getting glasses that are wider.

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