Why You Should Take Your Young Child For An Eye Exam

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Why You Should Take Your Young Child For An Eye Exam

Why You Should Take Your Young Child For An Eye Exam

24 August 2016
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Many people assume that their kids have perfect vision as long as the kids don't squint or complain about their eyes. Unfortunately, your kids can be developing vision problems without showing any symptoms. Therefore, take your child for an eye exam even if you don't suspect vision problems. Here are some of the benefits of eye examination in young children.

Their Eyes Are More Receptive To Intervention At This Age

Most vision problems in kids develop between the ages of 18 months and four years. At the same time, the vision problems that begin in this age range strengthen and become permanent by the time the child reaches age 10. These vision problems are easier to correct before they become permanent. Therefore, taking your child for an eye examination if they are in this age is a good opportunity for detecting and correcting the vision problems.

Vision Problems Will Hinder Their Education

Educationalists stress the significance of a good foundation in education. A good foundation in education is instrumental in the child's future education. Unfortunately, poor vision will hinder your child's ability to receive a proper foundation of education; after all, about 80% of what the child learns, they learn through their eyes. Therefore, taking your preschooler for an eye exam can help you detect and correct eye problems and help the child benefit from a solid foundation in education.

Untreated Conditions May Lead To Permanent Vision Loss

It is not just poor vision or ineffective learning that you have to worry about when it comes to vision problems in children. You should also know that some eye conditions can lead to permanent loss of vision if not corrected early enough. Some eye conditions, such as acute zonal occult outer retinopathy (AZOOR), start out with one eye before progressing to the other eye after some months or years. Therefore, detecting such a problem early enough may preventing it from spreading to the other eye or causing permanent eye damage.

Good Vision Is Necessary For Physical Development

Lastly, your child also needs their eyes to help with their overall development. Good vision helps with motor development, body development, and self-development. For example, a child with poor vision may not learn to walk as fast as their age-mates with good vision.

All isn't lost, however, if your child is already showing signs of vision problems. Treatment for eye diseases has progressed a great deal over the years, and the eye doctor may be able to reverse your child's condition or manage it so that the child can live a successful life.

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