3 Ways To Get Your Child To Wear Their Eyeglasses

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3 Ways To Get Your Child To Wear Their Eyeglasses

3 Ways To Get Your Child To Wear Their Eyeglasses

23 August 2016
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When your child is first told that they are going to need eyeglasses in order to see properly, they may struggle. They may not like the idea either because they are embarrassed to wear glasses or because they don't like the thought of having something on their face at all times. No matter what their reason or reasons may be, there are certain things that you can do to encourage them to wear them. Here are three ways to get your child to wear their eyeglasses. 

Let Them Pick Out Their Frames

If you let your child pick out the frames that they would like for their glasses, the more likely they are going to be to wear them. Show them all of the different colors and styles of frames that are available and then let them try them all on and look in the mirror. Your child will likely get excited when they see how great they can look with the different frames and this will help them to realize that glasses can actually be a really fun and exciting new thing. 

Purchase A Strap To Attach To The Frames

If your child is young and they constantly try and pull their new glasses off of their face, then you can purchase them a strap to attach to the frames. This strap goes all of the way around their head and secures their glasses firmly in place. This makes is so that your child won't be able to pull their glasses off quite so easily. This strap is also great if your child is playing sports or doing some other activity where they are moving around a lot because it will help them to keep their glasses in place, allowing them to see properly. 

Show Them How A Lot Of Other People Also Wear Glasses

One problem that children have with glasses is that they feel like they are "nerdy" or "uncool". It is going to be your job to help them realize that this isn't true at all. Show them several people that they know and look up to that wear glasses. You can show them some of their peers that wear glasses, some smart and successful people that wear glasses, as well as some celebrities that they know and love who wear glasses in real life. You can even have them talk to someone that they admire who wears glasses so that they can see just how great glasses can be. 

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