What Must Be Done to Switch from Eyeglasses to Contacts?

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What Must Be Done to Switch from Eyeglasses to Contacts?

What Must Be Done to Switch from Eyeglasses to Contacts?

17 August 2016
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Wearing eyeglasses every single day can get tiresome, yet it might be something you need to do in order to see well. If you have been wearing glasses for a while now and are tired of them, you could always consider switching to contact lenses. If you decide to do this, you will need to visit an eye doctor to get fitted for the lenses. If you've never had contact lenses, this will be a new step you will need to take each year when you get your eyes examined. Here is an explanation of how this is done and why it is needed.

How is this process completed?

When you switch from eyeglasses to contact lenses, your eye doctor will need to perform a couple steps in order to find the right contact lenses for your eyes. In addition, you will need to have a normal eye exam completed if you have not had one within the last year. A normal eye exam is needed to determine if your eyesight has changed at all because this will help the eye doctor know what prescription to give you for your contacts.

The next step will be the fitting. Fitting your eyes is a process that involves measuring the size of your corneas. This often begins with measuring the curvature of your corneas, and this is completed with an instrument known as a keratometer. The doctor may take other measurements of your corneas as well, and this is usually done with a corneal topographer instrument and a biomicroscope.

Why is this so important?

Getting the right size for your lenses is vital for several reasons. The first reason is so the contacts will be comfortable. If you are wearing contacts that do not fit your eye shape, they can hurt and be very uncomfortable to wear. Poorly fitted contacts can also lead to health issues of the eyes. Your eyes might be more prone to infections and eye abrasions.

To ensure that your contacts fit right, your eye doctor might give you a set of trial contacts to try. If you try these and they fit well, you will then be able to get your prescription filled. If they do not fit well, the doctor may give you different ones to try, or he or she may want to double-check your eye size.

Contact lenses offer many benefits to people who have impaired vision. If you are interested in getting contacts, visit an eye doctor, such as one from Olympia Eye Clinic, Inc., P.S., today.

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