4 Vision Problems You Can't Ignore

Do you have a vision problem that you're worried about correcting? Learn how your eye doctor can help make your life easier.

4 Vision Problems You Can't Ignore

4 Vision Problems You Can't Ignore

16 August 2016
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Taking care of your eyes should be high on your list of priorities. However, being able to see well is something many people take for granted. It's ideal to get your eyes checked on a routine basis to help determine the health of your eyes and to detect any vision problems you may be having. Being aware of various eye concerns may be the motivation you need to see your optometrist.

Problem #1: Cataracts

One of the most common vision problems for elderly people is cataracts.  This condition can decrease how well a person sees substantially and in severe cases may require surgery.

Some of the symptoms of cataracts include not being able to see well at night, being sensitive to glare and having cloudiness in the eye lens.

Problem #2: Glaucoma

One of the  more standard tests that are typically performed during a routine eye exam is the glaucoma test. This simply involves putting a puff of air in the eye to determine the eye pressure.

However, being diagnosed with glaucoma may cause you to experience vision problems. The usual symptoms of this condition typically worsen over time. The more severe cases include having extremely poor night vision, blind spots and the potential to loss of your eyesight.

Problem #3:  Optic neuritis

Dealing with an infection in your eye can cause some vision problems and being diagnosed with optic neuritis is one of these. It's additionally common for people that suffer from multiple sclerosis to have this eye problem.  

Some of the typical symptoms of optic neuritis include pain that may worsen as time progresses. This condition may lead to some amount of vision loss, but this will vary per individual.

Problem #4: Night blindness

Not being able to see at night can be a real challenge. However, there are many individuals that do suffer from night blindness, and this may or may not be treated based on the cause of this condition.

Be sure to avoid driving at night or in the late evening if you suffer from night blindness. Additionally, you will want to have a full eye exam to determine the precise cause of it.

Dealing with many eye health issues can be challenging at best. However, getting the diagnosis you need and the best possible treatment are in your best interest. For additional info, be sure to contact an optometrist and schedule an appointment with them soon. 

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