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What Are the Symptoms and Causes of Dry Eyes?

5 November 2018
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Your eyes are one of the most delicate and sensitive organs in your body, so even when something very small is wrong, you can experience a great deal of pain or irritation. A common problem that some people experience is dry eyes. Normally, your eyes stay moist with a combination of fluids and tears that make blinking easy and the surface of your eye more flexible. The moist coating on your eyes also protects the eye from irritants that are present in the air around you.
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Three Reasons To Visit The Ophthalmologist Regularly

23 November 2016
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The average adult ensures they make their bi-annual dental appointments and their yearly checkup with their family physician. What about eye health? Unfortunately, for some, if they aren't experiencing any vision related issues, they assume they're just fine. Declined vision isn't the only reason to visit the ophthalmologist. Make sure you're protecting your eye health. Early Intervention Many of the diseases that affect the eyes are considered progressive. This means that the condition typically starts off slowly and gets worse over time.
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When Your Eye Bleeds

28 October 2016
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Not much is scarier than looking in the mirror and seeing that your eye is bleeding. It may be dripping blood, or you may be able to see blood traveling across the white part of your eyeball. Although a bloody eye can indicate a problem, sometimes it's a minor issue. If you experience this problem, you should not panic. Broken Blood Vessel On occasion, people suffer from something called a subconjunctival hemorrhage, which is a broken blood vessel in your eye.
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If Your Glasses Are Causing You Pain, These Steps Can Reduce It

26 August 2016
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Whether you have a new or old pair of glasses, you want them to sit comfortably on your face to the point that you hardly notice they're there. It's possible, however, for your glasses to cause varying degrees of discomfort for a wide range of reasons. You'll often feel this sensation around your ears, on the sides of your nose, or even on your temples. A visit to your optician can reveal why you're experiencing this sensation, and the optician can adjust your glasses to alleviate it.
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Why You Should Take Your Young Child For An Eye Exam

24 August 2016
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Many people assume that their kids have perfect vision as long as the kids don't squint or complain about their eyes. Unfortunately, your kids can be developing vision problems without showing any symptoms. Therefore, take your child for an eye exam even if you don't suspect vision problems. Here are some of the benefits of eye examination in young children. Their Eyes Are More Receptive To Intervention At This Age
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